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hey guys your probably wondering why this is out dated it’s because i moved blog

wordpress was not working out so you know i decided to move to blogger again(my old blog ) so yea it is at  go there it is awesome.


Rockhopper Spotted at December 2011

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Today, When I logged into Club Penguin and checked into the telescope I noticed that Rockhopper’s ship was sailing to the Club Penguin Island. Rockhopper comes every December for the Coins of Change donation. If you’re not familiar with what the coins … Continue reading


Club Penguin Times Issue #319

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 has arrived to the island of Club Penguin for this week. The Club Penguin times is full of information about Club Penguin and some good information on upcoming events around the island of Club Penguin. In addition to the articles … Continue reading

Club penguin Card Jitsu Party Is here


Have you discovered the big surprise for Fire and Water Ninjas yet? For the first time ever, ninjas can change the weather!! You just need 3 or more ninjas to dance outside. The more ninjas dancing, the more awesome it gets. Check out the action at the Snow Forts:

Club penguin Sensei Tracker 2011

Sensei Tracker November 2010

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Server: Tracking LIVE (Refresh)Room: Tracking (Refresh)

1. My Sensei tracker for November 2011 is updated very frequently! You will want to refresh the site and check it out at much as possible.

2. Sensei is usually bigger than most penguins, and he will have quite the crowd around him.
3. When tracking Sensei, make sure to check out Mammoth, Blizzard, Yeti, and other popular servers! These are the servers Sensei will be found. Also while tracking, check rooms such as the Ninja Hideout, and the new Water Dojo. The Water Dojo was just released for Card Jitsu Water!
4. Sensei is a grey penguin that wears a big hat! He should be pretty easy to track if you know what you are looking for! Also, if you find him, make sure to get his background! All you have to do is click on his penguin, than click on the brown box.
Sensei Tracker November2010
5. Sensei changes servers every 15 minutes. He is also online during peak hours of the day. Therefor, late at night, Sensei might not be online! This tracker will help you the most on your journey to tracking Sensei.
6. Another way you can find Sensei, is by using my official Sensei Tracker for November 2011 chat! Most likely, we will be chatting in here, and we will be finding Sensei! Come in and join the fun! Click here, or just use the chat below!